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Your Privacy is essential to us. We will protect any information we have to the same level we would protect our own information. We may use cookies, trackers, etc to handle sign-ins and other items requiring cookies, and to help us understand who is coming to the website and how we can better help them. We never sell your information and strive to do these things in the least intrusive manner readily available. If at any point you would like us to destroy whatever records we have of you, just let us know and we will. Even our basic web tracking in 2021 is not with Google but instead with a completely private service that runs only on my server. Other services would give us better data but only by exposing you, so we don't do it.

Terms and Conditions

All Actionstep and Business consulting engagements are governed by their respective Actionstep Service Agreement or Business Service Agreement.

Where an Agreement does not yet exist, the below Terms and Conditions will apply:

Your use of this website does not create a Client relationship. All information on this website is general guidance and should not be relied on for important decisions. Every situation is different, every need is different, and to better discuss what the best step for you is, please schedule a call. In all cases, the ultimate decision has to be made by the business, there are always unknowns and we will never be 100% right, 100% of the time, no matter how hard we try.

If a User continues to use this website, they agree to be bound by this Agreement and agree that they have received good and valuable consideration in the form of the content, advice, descriptions, and articles on this website.

Monthly Subscriptions

For monthly subscriptions, all fees paid are considered earned on receipt. If you cancel part way through a month, there will not be any refund. Any discounts will be toward future months or extending your current subscription. Changes to your subscription can be handled through Stripe and will take effect at the start of the next monthly billing cycle. If you would like to request a special exemption to timing or refunds, please send us an email with your request, but we are under no obligation to make exceptions.

For monthly consulting clients, work outside the scope of their subscription level will require a Business Services Agreement, if you think you might want services soon, reach out to get the paperwork taken care of and out of the way so we are ready to start when needed.

Weekly calls may be rescheduled occasionally with 24 hr advance notice, but should mostly happen at the same time each week. For long term Clients, it is expected that we will miss about 6 calls per year, a few from your schedule and a few from ours. During those weeks, we can check in on anything urgent via email or text.

General terms for all Subscriptions

MM will provide Actionstep and general business services as requested within the bounds of your Subscription level. Mauve Morpho does not guarantee any turnaround or completion times, but will always resolve requests as quickly as possible, with a goal of same-day service for small requests. Mauve Morpho will always try to keep client counts low to provide better service

Weekly calls are half an hour. As needed and as available, Mauve Morpho may choose to extend these calls to help Clients with bigger issues. Any extra time is not guaranteed and will not be charged, unless the Client decide to make all calls 1 hour and the Client pays the applicable fee for the extra time.

Hourly Services may include any help requested by the Client that Mauve Morpho believes they are qualified to successfully accomplish. This includes General business advice,helping Client integrate with other business tools, advice on best practices, and help finding business tools to integrate into the Client's business workflow. Small requests of less than 2 hours may be requested verbally or via email. Larger requests for Premier Clients may be handled similarly or may be outlined in a Work Order for clarity.

Subscription payments must be pre-paid and must be made on time for calls to continue to occur. Client agrees not to dispute any payments made and agrees that any disputed charges may be sent to colelctions and will accrue interest at the rate of 1.7% per month, or the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, whichever is lower.

Client will respond to all requests for additional information as quickly as possible. Incomplete responses or responses which take more than 4 hours will most likely postpone any expected deadlines. Client will cooperate with Mauve Morpho’s reasonable requests for information necessary to accomplish Services.

Client grants Mauve Morpho the right to use Client’s name, service marks, and a description of its services in Mauve Morpho’s marketing materials or other written promotional campaigns. Either Party may elect to issue a press release related to this Agreement with prior approval from the other Party, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Limitation of Liability. In no event shall mm be liable to Client, any employee, agent or contractor of Client, or any third party, for any loss of profits, loss of business, or indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising out of or related to any agreement or these general terms and conditions even if Mauve Morpho has been advised of the possibility thereof. Mauve Morpho’s liability to client under any Agreement and these general terms and conditions shall in no event exceed the total amount paid by client to Mauve Morpho pursuant to such Agreement for the services during the preceding 12 months. The foregoing exclusions and disclaimers are an essential part of the Agreement and formed the basis for determining the price charged for the Services.

Termination: This Agreement will be terminated automatically when the Subscription lapses. Mauve Morpho may also choose to terminate this agreement with at least 30 days notice, at any time. All provisions will remain in effect after termination except for provisions relating to continued Services or collaboration.

Notices. All notices, demands and communications required or permitted in connection with each Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed effectively given when sent via email to Mauve Morpho through info@mauvemorpho.com or to the Client via the email address on file. Parties agree to confirm receipt of any notices and agree to send a second time in an email with no attachments if receipt is not confirmed within a week.

Relationship of the Parties. This Agreement shall not create, nor shall be represented by either party to create, a partnership, joint venture, employer- employee, master-servant, principal-agent, or other relationship whatsoever between the parties.

No Promise of Person. Mauve Morpho may use skilled subcontractors or employees to do some or all of the work under this agreement. This Agreement does not guarantee a specific person from Mauve Morpho unless stated otherwise for a specific request. Anyone performing work under this agreement will adhere to the provisions in the Agreement and will be paid by Mauve Morpho, not directly by the Client.

Confidentiality. Mauve Morpho and Client will safeguard the other Party's confidential information with the same or greater level of security than they protect their own confidential information. Both Parties will access confidential information only to the extent necessary to complete the Services.

Governing Law. Each Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon and the federal laws of the United States of America. The parties hereto consent to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Oregon for any actions, suits or proceedings arising out of or relating to each any Agreement or these General Terms and Conditions. When a dispute arises between the parties and it cannot be resolved by direct negotiation, the parties agree to participate in mediation in good faith. The mediator shall be chosen by agreement of the parties. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator, the parties shall use a mediation service that selects the mediator for the parties. The parties agree that mediation shall precede any action in a judicial or quasi-judicial tribunal. Nothing in this contract shall be construed to limit the parties’ choice of a mutually acceptable alternative resolution method such as a disputes hearing, a dispute resolution board or arbitration.

Severability. In the event that any provision of any Agreement or these General Terms and Conditions, or any word, phrase, clause, sentence or other provision thereof, should be held to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, such provision or portion thereof shall be modified or deleted in such a manner so as to make such Agreement or these General Terms and Conditions as modified legal and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted under applicable laws.

Subscription level specific terms

Shoestring Plan

The shoestring plan is only available to those who have already worked with Mauve Morpho for at least a month. The shoestring plan has no discount on additional services and only has a Weekly Call every other week. This plan is intended for people just starting on their business part time who cannot make enough progress in a single week for weekly calls to be regularly beneficial. This plan may also be used by those who have small but established businesses, where their time is full and change is slow for the same reason.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan includes a 10% discount on any additional services under a Business Services Agreement after the first month of Subscription. This plan is intended for most businesses that need regular help but plan to do all or almost all the work by themselves. Weekly Calls will be scheduled for each week. Any discount will immediately stop if the subscription ends and will restart the one month waiting period when renewed.

Silver Plan

Silver Plan includes a 10% discount on any additional services under a Business Services Agreement after the first month of Subscription. This plan is intended for businesses that need regular help and will do most work themselves but recognize that a little extra help in areas they don't know well can be invaluable. Mauve Morpho and Client will work to find high impact ways for Mauve Morpho to help each month without exceeding the hourly allotment, this could mean reviewing a contract, writing policies, helping determine pay structure, research, or any other services likely to benefit the Client and fit in the alloted time for the month. The allotted time for each month is about 3 hours, which is not closely tracked, so it could be a little more or a little less in any given month, and the Client will not be given any specific accountings of time spent on their projects. Weekly Calls will be scheduled for each week. Any discount will immediately stop if the subscription ends and will restart the one month waiting period when renewed.

Premier Plan

Premier Plan includes a 10% discount on any additional services under a Business Services Agreement after the first month of Subscription. This plan is intended for most businesses that need regular help and expect to use Mauve Morpho for high impact services from time to time. This business likely has a strong team to help handle small requests and instead needs help with the random things that can pop up outside their teams' areas of expertise or with tackling large projects the team does not have time for in their immediate schedules. Premier Plan Clients have a bank of hours available, at the begining of each month, 6 hours will be added to this bank of time, and the maximum that can be in the bank at any time is 30 hours. Mauve Morpho will accurately track time for this bank and will send a report in any month where hours are used. Services will be tracked in quarter hour increments, rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Any additional services under a Busienss Services Agreement would only be charged after the bank of hours for the month is depleted. Weekly Calls will be scheduled for each week. Any discount will immediately stop if the subscription ends and will restart the one month waiting period when renewed.

Defined Terms

"Client" means the business purchasing a subscription from Mauve Morpho

"Party or Parties" means the Client and Mauve Morpho individually or collectively

"Services" are any hourly services done by Mauve Morpho and does not include Weekly Calls

"Weekly Call" is the half hour call that comes with each subscription, usually every week, except "Shoestring Plan" which is every other week. Some weeks are expected to be missed each year under either plan

"Business Services Agreement" is a full contract to govern additional paid services and may be titled the same or "Actionstep Services Agreement"

"Subscription" is a monthly subscription to Mauve Morpho which includes Weekly Calls and may not have a Business Services Agreement in place.

"Change Order" is a separate document outlining requested Services on a larger project for greater clarity.

"Shoestring Plan", "Standard Plan", "Silver Plan", and "Premier Plan" are the current subscription options, differences and specifics are outlined under the section "Subscription Level Specific Terms"

"Agreement" is these terms, conditions, and privacy agreement.

"User" is any user of this website or a Subscription Client.


If any part of this felt unclear or left you with more questions, please reach out to us through the contact page below.

Affiate programs

Mauve Morpho is involved in a number of affiliate programs to help support the business and especially the free software review calls we do. We do everything we can to keep this from impacting our suggestions and view the occasional payments as perks to help us help more people, not as our driving force. While some programs do not allow us to share what we recieve, I'm happy to tell you which programs i suggest for your business pay us referral fees. Not all of the services we like and frequently refer to have a program at all but we still refer to them because we like them and think they are a good choice. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases - using my links helps support Mauve Morpho, but I encourage you to compare prices on other sites and buy where you are most comfortable. I have to link somewhere to be able to easily show you the product, so I might was well be in the program, but the commissions are low and I'm not worried about actually getting anything.

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