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Choosing legal software is hard. There are a hundred options, and it can be really difficult to picture your firm and processes fitting perfectly in any of them. We are experts in the area and would by happy to help you start narrowing down what software might work best for your firm, for free.

No prep needed - Two free calls to set you on the right path.

Come as you are, first call will talk through where you are and things to consider in picking software. Second call you will share some decisions based on the first call and we'll talk about some software options that might be a good fit, then we'll decide if it makes sense to work on any of it together or send you to work on it on your own.

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How we can help you?

Schedule a free call to start discussing your legal software needs today. In our first short call, we'll cover where you are in your search, what you have right now, and what you should think about before picking a software, then we'll schedule a second longer and also free call to talk more about your options and needs. From there, we'll decide if it makes sense to work together to build software for your firm.

I know I said no prep, but if you wanted to prep just a little, peek at this article on choosing a legal software, this is what we will talk through in the first call, so if you look ahead you can have a little more time to think about any questions you might have about the aspects you need to consider before our second call.

Why talk to us?

We know you are crazy busy, and figuring out software is not what you usually do all day. Mauve Morpho helps law firms find and integrate software into their processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and decrease errors and manual work.

Why free calls?

We do these first calls for free when we can to help show the value of working with us. There are so many options out there, and even if you like this sort of thing, having another person who can help is invaluable. We are confident that whether we work together now or not, you'll think of us when you need help for big software changes.

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No prep needed.

Our first call will focus on what you are currently using and what you know isn't working great. Then I'll give you a few things to think about before we talk again and we'll schedule our next call.

Don't wait to start improving
your firm, let's start now!

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"I can't thank you enough. You have really made my transition much easier" - Jody

Learn more about us

Feel free to read our articles about the pieces you should consider in picking legal software or software in general, but with free help available, why not schedule a call?

Read more about us on our About page. Mauve Morpho is an Actionstep Certified Consultant but also works with any software solution that makes sense for our clients to use. We also do non-software consulting to help with general business issues that pop up when you are running any business.

Still curious what we will talk about?

Every firm is different, and you probably already have some software we need to work with or plan around, along with your immediate and long term goals. Considering all that, there are tons of software options that could make sense, but at the most basic we are probably looking at some of these.

Rather than spend a chunk of time trying to figure out what the other options are and what's best, reach out to us, we can show you around, talk about your specific needs and help you figure out if there is something else that you might need from a different option and point you in the right direction. Our goal is always to give you the best information we can; we are happy to help you find and implement any software you need.

Want to know more about Actionstep?

You can read more about Actionstep On our Actionstep Page, but after spending a ton of time looking at the options personally when I worked at a law firm, I can confidently tell you if you need a new case management software, there's at least an 80% chance that it's the best option for your firm at least in the area of case management, but we can figure that out together when we talk.

If you are loving your current software, then we can definitely find a way to work with it, and even if you do need a case management software, there are those other 20% that would be better served with something else.

Not a lawfirm?

Unfortunately, we can't offer free calls of this depth for non-lawfirms, but most of the software options we work with regularly are great for businesses of all types. Schedule a quick intro call and we can discuss if it makes sense to work together.Schedule a call now!

Questions or Ready to Start?

Let us help you figure out what software is the right option for you.

Let us help you dial in yoursoftware to be everything you are hoping it will be. Of course, we'll start with figuring out which software you need, but we can do very quick builds for small firms who need something yesterday.

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