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Nic Perry MBA

Principal Consultant/Owner

Nic has worked with a variety of roles and projects ranging the operations gamut. Before his MBA, he majored in Finance with minors in psychology and Spanish. He has worked writing and helping to negotiate contracts for a large Healthcare IT company and as a Director of Operations for a law firm, doing finance, IT, HR, and management, on top of working with lots of small businesses and startups along the way. This means a very broad and surprisingly deep knowledge base, as well as top notch project management and an uncommonly high level of technical acumen.

While most work with Mauve Morpho is with Nic, there are quite a few others who might be able to help with specific projects.

Amanda Gibson is an artist and graphic designer, she can take pictures for the business or help design and make graphics or artwork to help present your business. Amanda is also a full time high school art teacher and has worked with pretty much every medium there is.

Mark McKee handles the first round of sales conversations for Actionstep but is also a talented writer who specializes in storytelling and writing articles/blogs.

Megan Keathley is a writer and performer based in the Pacific Northwest, with certification in Professional & Technical Writing from the University of Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Missouri State University.
Areas of expertise include: basic how-to manuals, web content creation, blogging, text-based social media engagement, and immersive storytelling experiences.

KC Stone is a social media expert who loves telling your brand's story through pictures, videos, and short form content. She's new to doing this as a job, but has had a passion for making this sort of content for years.

Wolf Wykoff is a photographer with all the tools you need for virtual walkthroughs and other 360 visual content, great for showing off physical spaces and businesses. See his portfolio here.

We also have a number of other businesses we trust and can refer you to for other needs like merchant processing, healthcare/benefits, and payroll.

Collectively, our goal is to be able to advise you on a broad spectrum of your business needs so you aren't hunting for all the answers or working with dozens of different experts who can't know your business as deeply. We run with a project so you don't have to spend so much time outside your area of expertise.

Actionstep, Business Services and Coaching

We specialize in helping small growing businesses make the right moves to morph into the great companies they will become

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Actionstep Certified

We are happy to be Certified Consultants with Actionstep. Actionstep is a wonderful software that uses a step workflow to manage tasks, emails, notes, custom fields, document templates and more to help your business be more productive. If you already know you want Actionstep and came here for it, you can stop reading, we'd be happy to help you, just reach out and we'll have a call to make sure we are a good fit and start working together.

Business Consulting Subscription

When you are trying to build something great, not only do you have a lot of questions and concerns, but you also have them in a slow trickle. With a subscription to Mauve Morpho, we'll talk a little bit every single week, helping you go the right directions and move faster than you could figuring it all out alone. Working with us every week, we know your background, what you are trying to do and what you have been doing, so we don't have to cover the same things every time to get to a baseline. Instead, we can jump right into working through your biggest sticking points for the week, help hold you accountable for continuing to move forward, and get a ton of value out of our time together.

Our Specialty

Mauve Morpho specializes in helping small and new businesses transform and grow from an idea to a side project, to a business, to a company. When you are starting or growing something new, you have a ton of questions and no time to find all the answers or find enough experts. Instead, Mauve Morpho is a one-stop shop for most of your questions. When you need a specialist or need to go further, we can help find them, explain your situation, and get you the answers you need for a lot less time, both your time and billable time trying to explain what you need to an expert if you don't speak their lingo.

Hourly Business Consulting

We can work with you per hour whether you are using a subscription or not. Maybe you need us to find you a bookkeeper or work with a program to code some custom connections to your business software. Whatever you need, we can help run the project or do the research for you so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

This works great with a subscription because we already know your business and can just get right to work on the project without wasting any time getting to know your business, but we also love to help all businesses, not just the ones we get to talk to every week. If we enjoy working with each other, maybe this will become a more regular thing too.

Business Coaching

Being a coach is an important part of our business services. Not every business needs a lot of coaching, but almost every business could use more people who are willing to tell it like it is and be sometimes brutally straightforward with you. So if you have a thriving company, incorporating coaching just means we won't blindly do what you ask, we'll help make sure it's the right move. When you are growing something new, you need help in so many ways and it's important to us that we don't just help you with today's problems, but help you become better equipped for tomorrow's. You might also need encouragement, guidance on the questions you didn't know to ask, and someone to call you on your crap when you find excuses for not moving your business forward for weeks on end. If this is something you need, you'll get it with any services, but it's really best done through weekly calls with a subscription.

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