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Areas of Expertise

We focus on being generalists, the people who can understand your business as a whole first then help fill the gaps second rather than forcing solutions. As specialists in Operations, we understand the whole range, from Finance and office management to contracts, HR, and IT. This helps us work with you to find solutions that are tailor made for your business, even if we don't wind up doing all the work.

Think of it like hiring a great general contractor to build a home - they know how everything goes together and they could do it in a pinch, but if they are that good, they probably aren't spending their time perfecting their drywall texturing skills either.

Consulting Packages

The best way to work with us or a General Contractor, is long term, little by little. For this reason, we designed Mauve Morpho to center around a Consulting Subscription. This lets us know your business extremely well, help you with needs all along the way, and give you an accountability partner who can help coach and nudge you towards making the best use of your own time and skills.Plans are not intended for Actionstep work - Actionstep work would be in addition to these packages

Standard Plan

$300/mo - weekly calls to discuss your pinch points and help keep you accountable. This does not include any additional work, other than me sending you basic extra info like contacts you might want or answering quick questions via text in between sessions.

Silver Plan

$500/mo - Basic package plus about 3 hours of work each month so I can help research what you need to do, review contracts and materials, and otherwise give you a little extra help. These hours do not roll over, but also aren't closely tracked, so there's a little wiggle room month to month.

Premier Plan

$800/mo - Basic package plus 5 hours of extra help each month. These extra hours bank up to 30 so we can help a decent amount every single week or month, or save up for a few bigger projects each year

Details for all Plans

All consulting packages come with 10% off extra hourly services after the first month. All weekly/coaching calls are expected to last about a half hour - our first call will be closer to an hour as Nic gets to know your business and it's ok if some of the calls run long if needed. If you are working on your business full time, we can plan on hour long calls each week for an extra $100/mo.

Hourly Services

Obviously we can also bill by the hour and are happy to do that. Our current hourly rate for Business Consulting starts at $100/hr on a sliding scale considering difficulty and how enjoyable the work is (to the consultant, you can still hate it). However, the real magic is in working together long term with a consulting package so we know your business incredibly well and can both help you achieve more on your own and also know exactly where we can best help.

Actionstep, Business Services and Coaching

We specialize in helping small growing businesses make the right moves to morph into the great companies they will become

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